Our MISSION at the Institute of Neurosurgery: Brain and Spine Surgery Barcelona is to offer a treatment of the highest quality and modernity to all those patients with a disease affecting their brain or spine and that can be the object of a surgical intervention, in a comprehensive and humane way.

Our OBJECTIVE is to provide the best possible treatment to our patients, achieving a fast and successful recovery, minimizing the pain and to promote the quick return to work and daily life.

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Key principle in our conception of medicine. Our criterion will be the same applied in public medicine. Our team works actively in both areas and follows the same protocols applied in public activity.


Our team members are constantly updating their training in all areas of treatment offered to our patients. We have the latest technology in microsurgery, neuronavigation and neuromonitoring available in modern neurosurgery. We promote the use of minimally invasive techniques that improve recovery and avoid complications to our patients.


Your health is our commitment. We treat the disease with maximum scientific and technical rigor. We conduct clinical studies, surveys, analyze quality markers, and self-assess to keep improving on a daily basis.


Patient will be informed in an understandable and clear way. The patient's opinion will be consulted throughout the treatment process. The doctor-patient relationship will be close, being able to consult at any time doubts or concerns that may arise.


Dr Muñoz and Dr Asencio are the team leaders.

Dr Fernando Muñoz is an Associate Clinical Member at Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital’s Neurosurgery unit – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and an Associate Director at the same hospital’s Skull Base unit. He is a Vascular Surgery coordinator and member of the team at the Spine Surgery functional unit.

Dr Carlos Asencio is an Associate Clinical Member at Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital’s Neurosurgery unit – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spine Surgery functional unit coordinator and member of the Skull Base and Vascular Pathology team at the same hospital.


At BSSB several collaborators share their knowledge with us:

One of them is Dr Juan Ramón Gras, otolaryngologyst at Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital and Clínica Corachán. He is an expert in endoscopic approaches to excise pituitary adenomas and skull base tumours.
Dr Estela Lladó-Carbó is an Associate Neurophysiologist at the Neurosurgery department at Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital and Mútua de Terrassa. She is a Director at Neurotoc, private health providers.

Jesús Cervilla is a phyisiotherapist and osteopath at Artros Phyisiotherapy and Osteopathy centre in Badalona.



MICROSURGERY: The use of fluorescence techniques with the neurosurgery microscope, using three fluorescence systems, allows a wider resection of the primary brain tumours, thanks to the injection of contrast, which facilitates the identification of the brain tumour on the healthy tissue. In addition, it allows the approach to complex intracranial lesions and has applications in the surgery of cerebral vascular pathology as aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations.

INTRAOPERATIVE NEURONAVIGATION: The use of navigation accompanied by microsurgery allows a millimetric precision of the location of the tumour, its limits and improve the degree of resection. The neuronavigator acts as a highly accurate GPS that is used in both brain surgery and spinal surgery to be able to orient the neurosurgeon in real time during the intervention.



As our patient, you will be taken care of by one of the most experienced neurosurgeons in the country. Under the care of this team of experts, you can expect exceptional skills and knowledge and, above all, a commitment to you and your well-being.


Before your first appointment, please remember to bring the following test results: Current radiographs and / or scans (CT scan or MRI). It is key to bring the images on paper, CD or USB. Our team always examines images, it is not enough to just have the neuroradiological report. In case you cannot bring the images, then it may be possible to request another visit with them or the doctor could ask for a new appointment with the most recent tests.


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