Preparation for the first appointment

As our patient, you will be attended to by one of the best neurosurgeons in Spain.

Under the care of this expert team, you can expect exceptional skill and knowledge especially in relation to your personal wellbeing.

Before arrivingfor your appointment, please remember to bring the following documents:

Any relevant scans and/or explorative results (e.g. CT or MRI). It’s important to bring the images; they can be in paper or electronic form. Our team always examines the images. Please be aware that a neuroradiology report will not be sufficient.

If you cannot bring the images with you we might need to reschedule the appointment to another day when the images are available, or we may ask you request new images from your doctor if your scans are old.

Other relevant exams: it is necessary to bring any complementary results/scans that may have a relation with your illness, such as analytics, electromyograms, evoked potentials, campimetry, etc. Your neurosurgeon will make any necessary evaluations.

Insurance details if you have relevant insurance. If you are visiting our team privately, you will have to pay a fee. (link to mutual).

A companion is always recommended.

First day of visit

Once you arrive at our clinic, our reception staff will ask you to complete a patient information form. Your personal information will be treated inconfidentially. We recommend that you complete the form before your appointment to avoid delays. On occasion,the doctor may ask you to complete additional health questionnaire.We will use the findings of the questionnaire to formulate the best treatment for the patient.Your health is our commitment so you can help us to improve everyday.

During the appointment

You will be evaluated by the neurosurge on spine and brain specialist, who has an excellent background in public and private health. The specialist will ask some questions about your medical history, and will perform a physical exam. He will also evaluate any complementary tests supplied.

Getting ready for surgery

Once you and the doctor have agreed the best surgical treatment for your illness, you will be provided with an admission form to the hospital. You should deliver that form in Admissions of the hospital where you going to be treated, normally one or two hours before the operation.

Fasting time: in operations involving general anaesthesia, no solid food nor liquids including water is to be ingested from 6hours before the starting time of the surgery.

Before the treatment, a pre-op test will be requested including an analytic (blood count, bioquimic and coagulation), thorax radiography and electrocardiogram. These exams are necessary for any surgery that requires general anaesthesia. Sometimes, a visit with the anaesthetist will be required prior to the surgery.

Please, make sure you have discussed with your doctor any medicine that you need to stop before the surgery (normally these are medicines that affect thecoagulation of the blood such as aspirin, sintrom, etc.) The neurosurgeon will explain to you all details of the surgery, prosthetics needed, instrumentsand technologywhich will be used during surgery. He will also explain you the possible risks and complications that may occur during the surgery and post-op. Finally, you will be asked to sign ainformed consent form declaring that you have understood everything the surgeon has explained to you regarding your operation.

On the day of the surgery,please don’t forget to bring ALL the scans and documentation related to the operation:authorisation from your insurer (if applicable), pre-op notes, relevant consent, magnetic resonance, CT or Scan, radiography, etc. Your neurosurgeon will ALWAYS check the images on the same day of your surgery.

For your own comfortit is advisable to bring a bag withyour toiletries used during your stay at the hospital. If you need any information or additional help during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us: - 93 290 6446.


If you have an insurance provider, these are the list of insurance we can visit (depending on the center):

Hospital Quirón Teknon:

Assistència Sanitària Col.legial, Caixa Andorrana Seguretat Social (CASS), Mutual

Clínica Corachan (Dr. Muñoz y Dr. Asencio)

The Corachan Clinic is one of the main clinics in Barcelona, with a reputation for excellence in both care and personal treatment.

In the case you are not affiliated to any of the aforementioned insurances, you can call to the centerwhere you wish to be seen to apply for a private visit. The staff will inform you about the relevant fees.

Hospital Quirón Teknon

C/ Marquesa de Vilallonga, 12, Despacho 46 – 08017 Barcelona

Phone : 93 290 6446

Served by: Dr. Muñoz

Email :

Web :

Neurociencias Corachan

c/ Castellnou, 31 local 08017 Barcelona

Served by: Dr. Muñoz, Dr. Asencio o Dra Rico

Phone : 93 254 5800

Email :

Web :


Hospital de Barcelona
Clínica Corachán

Opinion of the patient

Following one of our essential values of being close to our the patients, we would appreciate if you could take a minute to complete a questionnaire about your experience as a patient with us at The Institute of Brain and Spine Neurosurgery Barcelona. This information will help us to continue improving and providing excellent care to our patients.

Thanks for your time.